I’m currently updating the layout and content of my website portfolio, which now has a registered domain name (jamesmordesign.com—huzzah!), and with summer practically here, I have time to add some dynamic, multimedia elements to the website that I couldn’t before.

However, while my HTML and CSS coding skills are on point, my grasp on JavaScript has never been quite 100%. I understand the basics, but I require the right resources on hand whenever I need to decipher the syntax just to embed the script in an HTML document.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I have no idea where to start with changing my website. For the longest time my landing page has been a solid white background with MOR DESIGN right in the center. I’m literally dealing with a blank canvas here!

So what’s a web designer to do when he’s:

  1. Not well-versed in JavaScript?
  2. Needs inspiration to get started?

Well, I have good news: I didn’t struggle for long, and I have three websites to thank for that.


3 Great Websites for Free HTML, CSS, and JS Code Examples

The websites and blogs listed below feature free code examples and tutorials for website elements like buttons, hover effects, image sliders, modal windows, and more. Of course, these resources aren’t the only ones that exist online and offer free codes and inspiration. In fact, another code library (and infinitely more renowned) that you can check out is GitHub, but some of the codes there aren’t free, so proceed with caution.


Free Frontend

FreeFrontend screenshot

Source: FreeFontend.com

I found this website recently and spent an entire night sampling every demo in its vast library of free HTML and CSS code examples from codepen.io. Many examples include JavaScript codes, but a few of the animated elements sport pure CSS codes, which just means no JavaScript was required to create the animated effect involved in the site element.



Codrops website

Source: Codrops

Codrops is the go-to blog for web designers and developers who can find articles, tutorials, and even a CSS reference guide in addition to the free plugins and web development solutions under the Playground category.



CodyHouse screenshot

Source: CodyHouse

“A library of HTML, CSS, [and] JS nuggets,” CodyHouse features a much smaller collection than Codrops and Free Frontend, but I’d argue that the site’s interface is more user-friendly and organized. You can either browse all of the website “experiments” at once or narrow your scope and choose a category, such as UX Patterns or Effects.


What online resources do you use for free HTML/CSS/JavaScript codes and inspiration? Feel free to share a link or two below in the comments!


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